Leak sealing

Leak sealing

RM Ponterosso SPA, with its section of “Leak sealing in operating plants”, was born at the end of 70’s, out of the need of keeping the plants in operation in order to protect safety and productivity.

Thanks to a technology always advanced, our company still supplies to its customers interventions of temporary repair of pipes, couplings and any other equipment with pressures up to 300 bar and temperatures from – 50° up to + 750°C.

We perform autonomously the dimensional surveys, the design and the subsequent manufacturing of the products fit for leak sealing.

Highly skilled and specialized technicians intervene for the installation of the products on the plant, and the injection of thermosetting sealing compounds.

RM PONTEROSSO developed a service of design and engineering highly specialized, so offering a service of electronic data archiving through our web-site, which can be used by enabled customers as archive of the interventions performed.

Our company is able to provide its customers a complete service from dimensional surveys to the submission of our authorized procedure for temporary repair to authorities in charge.

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