Maintenance of rotary machines

Maintenance of rotary machines

Our company, with the passing of years, has become leader in the field of mechanical overhaul, thanks to technicians skilled of great experience and competence, a structure of machine tools always well-advanced, and the best equipment available both for works to perform in our workshop and for works on location.

We are able to intervene on any type of machine. Our technicians have been performing for years the overhaul of important machines such as gas turbines, steam turbines, feed pumps, refinery pumps, pumps used in chemical plants, centrifugal – alternative compressors, reducers etc.

We perform laser alignments in compliance to the strictest regulations in force. We perform vibration surveys and vibration spectra analysis both for the single machines and for machine trails. We are able to perform the balancing of rotors up to 2 tons in weight and 2800 mm in diameter.

In these years, we have collaborated with the major manufacturers of industrial machines. On some manufacturers’ behalf, our technicians intervene in the machine start-up all over the world: we witnessed the start-up and analyzed the causes of bad functioning of machines in Egypt, India, Oman, Bahrain, Thailand, Iran, Scotland and other countries.

For the overhaul of machines on location, we set up some movable workshops particularly equipped, also with movable equipments for works to be performed on location.