We improve technology, while always respecting environment and safety at work

It’s the end of Seventies when environmental respect and work health and safety became fundamental in the industrial society.

Precisely out of this need, Eng. Antonio Brunetta – with the help of Mr. Antonio Gianquinto’s experience – prepared the ground for the creation of RM PONTEROSSO SPA.

A new technology of interventions on plants is employed: leak sealing during operation; this solves the problem of unscheduled shutdowns with fluids drainage into the atmosphere and allows the plant to maintain its operations in dangerous situations both for men and for environment.

In general the company works on leak sealing, execution of holes in pressure, and valve calibration during operation - with the creation of a new instrument for valve calibration, later ISPESL homologated.

RM Ponterosso

During the 80’s, RM PONTEROSSO SPA evolved and created a new department for valve maintenance and another one for chemical cleanings, in order to offer a more complete service to its customers.

During the 90’s, RM PONTEROSSO SPA developed further, focusing on the field of rotary machines overhaul and becoming nowadays leader in maintenance activities.

During 2000’s, the current management – inheriting the founders’ belief – brought to completion the construction of the new facilities, made of 2500 square meters covered and 7000 square meters uncovered.

New technologies are provided and the range of action expands, working in countries such as Spain, Holland, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Rumania, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Arab Emirates etc.

RM Ponterosso