Machine tools

Machine tools

In order to improve the service offered to its customers, RM Ponterosso developed “reverse engineering” and implemented the workshop of machine tools with CNC machines having from 2 up to 5 axes.
Our specialized staff  is perfectly able to perform every work in compliance to applicable regulations and according to given specifications.
RM Ponterosso can purchase and process several raw materials such as: carbon steel, austenitic stainless steel, martensitic stainless steel, tempered steel, aluminum, stellited hastelloy and more.
The department of mechanical works is able to provide every single component that may be necessary to the maintenance of all mechanical equipment.

To improve the quality of processing special materials, we also use Waterjet cutting machine.

By collaborating closely with the other areas of the company, the workshop of machine tools is RM PONTEROSSO’s core: it performs every work at the highest level of expertise, so to guarantee reliability and outcomes notably superior - in terms of time and precision – compared to other companies.

Planning and consulting

Our technical office is reference point for our workshop: it serves as support for reverse engineering or measurement surveys and project development.

Our design office works with design software and 3D calculations.

By collaborating with the workshop of machine tools, this office allows the development, regeneration, reconstruction of spare parts impossible to find quickly on the market, and so making RM Ponterosso leader in its field.