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Throughout the years, our company has designed and manufactured many equipments for the execution of holes in pressure, which enable us to execute holes in pressure from 1/2” up to 40”.

We were the first in Italy to execute 45° - inclined holes, always recovering the cut disk.

In the last years, to this activity we added a new service of “Execution of on-line stops” which allows stopping flows in lines from DN 1/2” up to DN 20” in size, using mechanical plugs. All our equipments are certified.

Schizzo per foro da 3pollici su tubo 3pollici a 90 gradi

Spaccato tubazione tronchetto e macch

Foro in pressione incl.a 45gradi da 20pollici su tubazione da 40pollici

Macchina foratrice

Stop da 16 pollici linea acqua 5bar